Jeong-seok, Oh

Jeong-seok, Oh

Founder & CEO

  • Worked for Visual Godori as a project manager which had 40 million users in 2000.
  • Launched Freegolf, 3D golf game, in Korea, Japan and the United States 2001.
  • Developed a mobile launcher application for Kia motors in 2012.
  • Recently he also has advised and lead marketing efforts for various blockchain projects.
Seong-Rok, Yoon

Seong-Rok, Yoon

Senior Engineer

  • Developed a full 3D MORPG named by Castle Master which was #1 in RPG/Strategy game in Canada, Korea, Indonesia and other 13 countries in 2012.
  • Working on Chainflix and developed a distributed storage solution based on A.I AND blockchain technology.
Jung-Su, Park

Jung-Su, Park

Technical Advisor

  • Worked for NCsoft corporation where he has developed Blade and Soul and worked for Gravity Corporation, Wemade Entertainment Corporation as a game engine development team leader.
  • Now he is a technical advisor for Chainflix to solve several problems of cryptocurrencies from improving the security to enhancing the scalability and usability of public crytocurrencies.
John Bennet Wiggins

John Bennet Wiggins

International Business Development Director

  • John has over 17 years of marketing experience with companies large and small. Using multiple languages.
  • Currently helping Jampick find new overseas business partners and expand its market in the U.S.
Kyung-gu, Kang

Kyung-gu, Kang


  • Graduated from Korea University, majoring in Master of Economics.
  • Completed of Ph.D. course from International Financial Engineering, State University of New York.
  • Worked at Lehman Brothers Holdings as a director.
  • Currently, he is a Ph.D. candidate at Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies University(aSSIST).
  • Besides that, he is also the Chairman of COMI investment holdings Inc and Chairman of Sungjin Ocean Energy Holdings.
Youngsung Chong

Youngsung Chong

Global Marketing, IR Director

  • Youngsung has advised over 6 different blockchain companies with marketing, project development, and fundraising.
  • Currently helping ChainFlix expand find new overseas business partners and expand its market in the U.S.

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