Chainflix Ecosystem

Chainflix utilizes a proprietary distributed storage system to host users’ videos. Compared to centralized streaming platforms, Chainflix is able to reduce the astronomical operational costs. Instead, Chainflix rewards storage providers with CFX when the storage is used for video streaming.
Content Creator
Content creators on Chainflix has different possible revenue sources on the platform. When viewers watch the videos, creators can earn CFX. Creators can also earn from advertisements, V-commerce, and donations.
Viewers are extremely valuable to a platform. On Chainflix, viewers can simply earn on Chainflix by watching videos without special hardware or plugin. Viewers can watch on any device to participate in view-and-mining.
Storage Provider
Individuals or enterprise with spare storage space can contribute to Chainflix’s decentralized storage pool. When the storage is used for video streaming, the storage provider will receive rewards.
Content Enhancer
Content enhancers can contribute to enhancing a video creator’s content by providing subtitles, video effects, or marketing. Through contributing to the content, enhancers can earn rewards set by the content creator.
Advertisers can enjoy effective marketing campaigns provided by the Chainflix platform. Not only can advertisers directly interact with the content creators for effective outreach, but also enjoy the benefits of blockchain for transparent service.

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